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Western Education's online Additional Qualification courses provide certified teachers and other professionals with meaningful, real-world specialist skills to help them advance in their careers.

These short, yet rich, courses are delivered via an easy-to-use e-learning website that allows for productive collaboration with peers and instructors. Earn the qualifications that will help you reach your potential in education and beyond. See our full list of courses by clicking on See All Courses button below.

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Tel: 519.661.2092

AQ Courses

We offer introductory and specialized courses in 24 in-demand subject areas, including special education, STEM, and French language. Find your subject area and your preferred course time by clicking on the button below. Watch our introductory videos to get acquainted with our approach and e-learning platform.

At this time, Microsoft IE 11 does not support this video. Please use Firefox or Google Chrome to view the video.
At this time, Microsoft IE 11 does not support this video. Please use Firefox or Google Chrome to view the video.

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Timing And Delivery

Our courses start at four times during the year: January, May, July, and September. Not every AQ course is offered in all sessions, so check the course information to find an available session that fits your schedule. Each course is approximately 4-10 weeks in length and is designed for full-time professionals to complete in evenings and on weekends.

Important Dates

Admission Requirements

The Additional Qualifications courses have high entrance requirements to ensure the quality of the cohort and the learning experience for all.  Introductory AQ courses generally have lower admission requirements than specialist courses.  Click on General Criteria below to check if you qualify for your specific program of interest. 

General Criteria

Tuition Fees

Our competitive tuition rates range between $675 - $725 for the 2017-2018 year, which includes a $100 non-refundable processing fee. For more information on tuition, payment, and international fees, click on the button below.

    • Three-Part AQ Course: $675
    • Additional Basic AQ Course: $675
    • Honour Specialist Course: $725
    • Technological Education: $725

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Funding Opportunities

School Board Funding

If you are affiliated with a School Board you may be eligible to receive PD funding for an AQ course. Please check on available support with your board representative.

NEW!  OTF subsidies are now expanded to include AQ courses in Mathematics, Technology, and Kindergarten.  For more information, contact the Ontario Teachers Federation: (416) 966-3424 

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How To Apply

Ready to register?  Simply go to the All Courses page below and click on the register button under the subject area that interests you. From there you can select a specific course and session, and complete the form and payment to register in the course.

For information including a description, basic admission requirements and course materials, click on the courses button under the subject area.  We advise checking more specific admission requirements in Admission Requirements.

Some courses require documentation to be sent to our office.  Click on the Documentation button below.

We look forward to having you join one of our AQ sessions.

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Current Students

This section offers helpful links and resources to assist you with completing your qualification.

Here you can find information on ordering textbooks, downloading the Teaching Experience form, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  Once you have registered in a course, click on Getting Started below. 

Good luck and let us know how we can help!