Privacy Protection

The Faculty of Education at The University of Western Ontario is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals with whom it comes in contact, regardless of whether they are registered as a student on campus or are participating online in a continuing education program.

Information relating to academic performance while enrolled in a program at Western is used for evaluation purposes and is protected in accordance with applicable University policies. Information relating to successful course completion is disclosed to the Ontario College of Teachers. Certain other personal information, such as marital status, mother tongue and gender, is collected in order to comply with Statistics Canada reporting requirements.

Credit card and banking information is processed directly through a banking partner - Psigate - to the appropriate financial institution. No permanent record of credit card information is made.  Payments made by cheque are forwarded directly to the Registrar's Office upon receipt, no record is kept in the Faculty.

Courses that operate in OWL, the Learning Management System which supports the online courses, require technical, instructional and administrative support. As a result, designated staff members may have access to personal information within courses for various reasons to perform their individual functions. Such access includes, but is not limited to, both routine system maintenance and reviews of student participation. Researchers are only provided access to the contents of courses where consent has been received and after being granted permission from an ethics review committee.

For further information on Western's approach to privacy protection, please visit the Privacy Office website at To obtain additional details regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by the ASPIRE Office, contact