All AQ Courses

All AQ courses are fully online unless otherwise indicated.

These professional development courses help practicing teachers refine their teaching skills in a specific subject area to help them improve their performance and increase job prospects. Below is a list of the AQ subject areas we offer.

For Social Science, Science, Computer Studies, English, and Health & Physical Education courses please look under Intermediate Division, Senior Division and Honour Specialist subject areas.

Most Western AQ courses are offered in a combined format, where candidates across Schedule A (ABQ), Schedule D, or Schedule E may be combined. As candidates participate in course discussions and collaborative inquiries they work towards achievement of their course-specific expectations. 

Prior to registration, ensure to check the admission requirement carefully.  

Special Note: In response to feedback, we have implemented changes to our registration system as of Fall 2021.  If you completed an AQ course with us prior to January of 2022, and already had an existing profile, you will need to reset your password in order to register for AQ courses.  Please select your course from the menu below and you will be automatically redirected to the website where new users can create a registration profile, and existing users who already had a profile set up prior to October 2021 can reset their password.