ASPIRE offers teachers and other professionals post-degree certificates in professional education. These certificates are flexible, engaging and designed to meet your needs as an aspiring or current educator. Choose from Curriculum, Teaching and Learning in the STEM Disciplines or Unified English Braille Competence certificates.

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Non-Credit Programs and Courses

Our non-credit (i.e. professional development) courses are considered non-degree credit and therefore do not qualify as an education tax credit by Revenue Canada and a T2202A (Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate) will not be issued. You may be able to claim course fees on your federal income tax, line 320 on schedule 11 (see line 323 of the guide) using your registration receipt. For more information, please visit Canada Revenue Agency or consult a tax professional.

Certificate in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning in the STEM Disciplines

This online certificate will provide doctoral students, masters students, post-doctoral fellows and limited duties instructors with a practical understanding of curriculum design and implementation. Stand out from the crowd and learn to teach others what you already know.

Intake into the STEM Certificate Program begins in the Fall (Course start October or November).  Registration will open in late summer for the first course.  The three courses run in sequence in the Fall, Winter and Early Spring.  Completion is normally the end of May for the last course.  Each course is $475.00.  STEM courses are taken consecutively and are only offered once per year.  

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Certificate of Unified English Braille Competence

The Unified English Braille Certificate is a fully online program consisting of four (4) progressive levels of code instruction. Successful completion at each level will gradually develop and expand the candidate's necessary braille skills in order to accurately read (visually read) and write (mechanically produce) the Unified English Braille code in the classroom. Upon successful completion of all 4 courses, the candidate will be eligible to receive "Certificate of Unified English Braille Competence."