How to Register

Ready to register? Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: From the AQ Courses tab select All Courses, then select your subject area

Step 2: Select your course from the chart

Step 3: Click "register" (if registration is open). Note: After adding the course to your cart you will be required to create a registration profile for the ASPirE AQ Student Portal or log into your existing profile.  This system is not associated with the main Western Student Center or OWL.  If you have not taken an AQ course with Western since the Spring of 2019, you will likely need to create a new registration profile.  Doing so will not change your official Western Identity.  If you have an existing profile or the system tells you that one exists, please log in and use the password reset function if required.  



Course candidates are advised to:

  • Check the Admission Requirements for your course prior to registration.
  • Ensure to send all required documentation to the ASPirE office prior to the start date of the course.

Certificate of Qualification and Registration

Our office will verify your CQR via the online OCT Public Register. You do not need to send a copy.

Certificate of Teaching Experience

The Teaching Experience Form, completed and signed by the appropriate supervisory officer, must be emailed by the signing supervisory officer to 

*The school principal cannot sign the form.  For a teacher employed by a school board in Ontario, the signing officer is a superintendent or assistant superintendent of the board.  For a teacher emplyed by a private school or First Nations Education Authority in Ontario, the supervisory officer is the Ministry of Education official appointed to provide supervisory services for the school authority.  

Official Transcripts

Where admission requires completion of specific university undergraduate courses, an official transcript from your university is required.  Please request the official transcript to be sent directly from the issuing institution to the ASPirE office at  We will also accept official copies sent to our office from the MyCreds service.

Using digital (email) methods to send your transcript are strongly recommended to avoid potential loss/delays by regular mail.  However, should the institution be unable to send a digital copy, they may mail an official, sealed copy to the address below:

ASPirE Program

Room 1090
Althouse College, Faculty of Education 
Western University
1137 Western Road 
London, ON N6G 1G7

If you did not previously submit your transcripts for a pre-evaluation, we request that you also email a PDF copy of your transcript(s) to the ASPirE office.  The copy may be from your own records or you can download it from your university website.  Doing so will help us to confirm your eligibility prior to our receipt of the official transcript, and allow time for other options to be considered if you are not eligible for the course.
*The copy from your own records or downloaded from the university website is not considered official and your admission is not finalized until an official transcript is received.

Transcripts from Institutions Outside of Canada

If it is difficult or involves significant time delay to obtain an official transcript from another country, you may alternatively request the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) to mail a copy of your transcript directly to ASPirE. Note that it can take 30 days or more for our office to receive a copy from the OCT files and therefore it should be ordered as soon as possible.


Documentation not originally issued in English must be accompanied by an official, English translation. Translations must be sealed, stamped and issued by:

  • World Education Services (WES) - an organization offering international credential evaluation services, OR
  • a translation service, accredited in Canada, OR
  • a Canadian embassy, Consulate or High Commission