Funding Opportunities

Ontario Teachers Federation Subsidy for AQ Courses

Funding from the Ministry of Education, through the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF), is available for a number of Additional Qualifications for Teachers.

  • If you successfully complete a Math, Technology or Kindergarten AQ/ABQ on or after FEBRUARY 1, 2016, you may apply to OTF for a subsidy.

The subsidy includes all of the following AQ courses:

  • Mathematics, Primary and Junior – Part 1, 2, Specialist
  • Mathematics, Grades 7 and 8
  • Mathematics, Intermediate/Senior (ABQ)
  • Mathematics, Honours Specialist
  • Any undergraduate mathematics course that is prerequisite to the AQ/ABQ courses listed above
  • Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction – Part 1, 2, Specialist
  • Teaching and Learning through e-Learning
  • Kindergarten – Part 1, 2, Specialist

OSSTF/FEESO members may apply for up to three subsidies in any one area: Mathematics, Technology, and Kindergarten.

Applications are available through

For more information, contact the OTF at: (416) 966-3424