After Registration

Once your registration is processed, a Registration Confirmation email will be sent.

If you do not receive this email within 24 business hours, please contact


  • Required for login to your AQ course in OWL, Western's Learning Management platform
  • Your Western Identity is your User ID and Password
  • Your key to central services at Western (tax receipts, grades, statement of account)


  • Go to Western Identity Manager and follow the steps to activate, or change your password
    • click "Accept" to the Acceptable Use Agreement
    • click on LOGIN to change your one-time password to a password of your choice *The one-time password does not allow access to OWL
         During Identity activation:
  • Important: Your user ID and password are secure and cannot be provided by our office – if the login is misplaced, you will need to reset it through the Identity Manager.
  • Returning students can use their existing user ID and password.  If misplaced and you are resetting your Identity, the new login will become active in 1-3 hours.
  • NEW students to Western – login activates within 48 hours
  • Video tutorial on account activation
  • Questions – go to  or call 519.661.3800


Our courses are offered in a 3-module format or a 4-module format.  Following is an overview on navigating through both formats.

Four Module Course

Go to and log in with your Western Identity user ID and password. Once logged in, you will be on the OWL landing page below.

Your course will activate online on its start date, at which time it will appear across the top with the course code. You can also go to your course by clicking on More Sites.

snapshot of what you will see when you login to owl

When you click on your course tab, or find your course under More Sites, you will see a variety of tabs on the left hand side.  Please access each of these tabs to view information for your course. 

Ensure to access your course syllabus within the Course Information tab to access important information including Western’s policies (i.e. medical and plagiarism), evaluation and rubrics, assignment and discussion expectations, etc.