Experience and Waiver Forms

Certificate of Teaching Experience:

This form is intended to validate your teaching experience, and is required for entrance in the following courses.

  • Part Two of a Three Session Course
  • Specialist (Part Three) or Honour Specialist Courses
Print out the form at left.
The completed form should be returned to:


1137 Western Road, Room 1166
London, Ontario
N6G 1G7

FAX 519.850.2526

EMAIL aspire@uwo.ca

Pre-assessment of Eligibility for AQ:
A form is not required. For a pre-assessment, email a copy of your transcript to our office (aspire@uwo.ca) and include a note with the following information: course(s) you wish to take, OCT membership number, and contact email address. Our office will contact you by email with the results.

Transfer/Drop a Course:
A written request is not required. Please log in to your WPE AQ Student Portal (wpe.uwo.ca) under myAccount.  After login, access your Current Course listing under the "My Account" tab, locate the course you wish to drop/transfer, click on the cogwheel to the right and select the appropriate action.