Experience Forms

Certificate of Teaching Experience:

This form is intended to validate your teaching experience, and is required for entrance in the following courses.

  • Part Two of a Three Session Course
  • Specialist (Part Three) or Honour Specialist Courses
Print out the form at left.
The completed form should be returned to:


1137 Western Road, Room 1166
London, Ontario
N6G 1G7

FAX 519.850.2526

EMAIL aspire@uwo.ca

Pre-assessment of Eligibility for AQ:
A form is not required. For a pre-assessment, email or fax a copy of your transcript to our office and include a note with the following information: course(s) you wish to take, OCT membership number, and contact email address. Our office will contact you by email with the results.

Switch/Drop a Course:
A written request is required. Email our office at aspire@uwo.ca with your name, Western student number, course enrolled and your switch/drop request.